Make sure you discover the true value of your home with an in-person market appraisal from Hang Loosa. Unlike an online appraisal, an in-person appraisal will take into account...

The condition of your property

Any renovations you may have completed

Street appeal

The most recent market conditions

Colour schemes, landscaping


Get an ACCURATE, no-obligation appraisal from someone with LOCAL knowledge and LOCAL expertise

All locations are different, and our slice of paradise has its own culture, history, and market. Feel safe and secure in the by meeting with a locally based real estate professional who lives locally too and really knows Tewantin from a local, non-franchised business. 


The in-depth appraisals we provide have no strings attached. 

You do not have to be selling your house and you don’t have to use Hang Loosa if you do decide to sell your house. 

You can elect to have us stay in contact with you, or not – the choice is yours and we always respect your decisions

If you do decide to sell your house, there is no obligation to use Hang Loosa, simply choose the best agency for you. 


An accurate assessment of the value of your property in the current market - including any renovations you have done, your property condition, landscaping and street appeal

A comparison with sales of other comparable properties in the current market

Relevant and specific things you can do to increase the value of your property, should you wish

48 hour turnaround promise

From the time of our in-person inspection, we promise we will have your written full property value appraisal ready for you. 






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